2023 and Beyond: These Blockchain Projects are Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Patient Empowerment

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Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise many industries, and healthcare is no exception

With attractive features that include a secure and decentralized way to store and transfer data, blockchain has the ability to improve the efficiency, traceability and accuracy of healthcare systems, as well as give patients more control over their personal health information. From electronic health records to supply chain management, the potential uses of blockchain in healthcare are vast and varied. By leveraging the decentralized and transparent nature of the technology, healthcare providers can improve patient care and access to information.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 3.5 billion people – almost half the world’s population – lack access to healthcare, with almost 100 million people being pushed to extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket expenses. By embracing technology, affordable, accessible healthcare for all could one day become reality. There are currently many innovative companies working on blockchain projects that will revolutionise the global healthcare system.

For this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the favourites that we think have the potential to vastly improve the well-being of humans.

Here is a list of the most exciting blockchain healthcare projects to look out for in 2023.
#1 Ecoinomy


It would be naturally remiss of us to create this list without first mentioning our own project.

Ecoinomy provides blockchain-based data infrastructure for the global organic medicine industry. Our purpose is to challenge the ‘big pharma’ model that pushes addictive synthetic medicines such as opioids in return for high-profit margins. We want to facilitate and ultimately normalise the consumption of organic medicine as an alternative to opioids and empower patients to have freedom of choice for the types of medicines they consume. 

This is why we are building a blockchain ecosystem that facilitates safe and affordable access to organic medicines for patients. We have just announced a partnership with a leading UK-based pharmaceutical company and are due to launch its first proof of concept later in 2023. This venture will provide the medical cannabis community in the UK with affordable repeat prescriptions, with transactions facilitated through our own crypto token (ECM).

Outlined pipeline developments also include a fully compliant digital marketplace. This will provide seed-to-sale regulation and full product traceability, via an innovative track and trace system. The Ecoinomy mission is to empower communities to make their own choices about their well-being, providing alternative medicinal solutions to synthetic drugs and demystifying the stigma that surrounds organic medicines.

#2 MedRec


MedRec is a decentralized electronic medical record system that uses blockchain technology to securely store and share patient data. The goal of the project is to improve interoperability and data accessibility in the healthcare industry, while also reducing the risk of errors and fraud. 

The application makes it easy to record symptoms like fever, cough, and other vital data, which helps better diagnose and treat illnesses, as soon as they appear. For patients who have limited or no access to a healthcare centre, having a digital diagnosis could be lifesaving. 

#3 Aimedis


Aimedis is the first healthcare metaverse experience. This project seamlessly merges the physical with the virtual world, opening up a universe of possibilities for medical professionals and patients across the globe by offering medical consultations in the metaverse. For the 3.5 billion people globally that do not receive proper healthcare, this could be life-changing. 

Patients can turn their healthcare records into a monetised NFT and, similar to Ecoinomy, Aimedis has its own token utility (AIMX) that is tailored to the Aimedis platform and provides its users with discounts on services and advertising as well as play-to-earn and workout-to-earn functionalities.

#4 Salarius


Salarius is a cancer-focused biotechnology company. Their technologies correct the dysregulated gene expression of diseased cells, inhibiting cancer progression. Essentially, it’s the ability to turn off certain genes in the human body and stop mutations of cancer.

In certain cancers, the proteins that regulate gene expression become dysregulated and incorrectly turn genes “on” or “off,” which can lead to disease development and progression. Salarius is developing two classes of drugs that address gene dysregulation: epigenetic drugs and targeted protein degraders. Their technology has the potential to work in both liquid and solid tumours. Their hope is to advance these drugs so that they can positively influence cancer patients’ lives. The company has previously announced its plan to invest in emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain, although concrete plans are yet to be confirmed.

#5 Blockpharma


Blockpharma offers a sound blockchain solution for drug traceability and counterfeiting. By scanning the supply chain and verifying all points of shipment, the company’s app lets patients know if they are taking falsified medicines. 

With the help of a blockchain-based supply chain management system, Blockpharma says it helps to weed out 15% of all medicines in the world that are fake, helping to keep patients safe.


These are just a few of many incredible healthcare projects that are in the pipeline for 2023. By using blockchain to digitise elements of healthcare, providers can ensure that sensitive patient information is protected while also making it accessible to authorised parties. It also facilities freedom of choice for patients. Blockchain technology can vastly improve the efficiency of clinical trials and supply chain management. Overall, the implementation of blockchain in healthcare can vastly improve patient care, reduce costs, and increase trust in the healthcare system.

Our vision is to define a new future for global healthcare with technology that removes unnecessary suffering. To learn more about what we are delivering, please visit our project page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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