Crypto Adoption: Is It Steadily Moving Towards the Mainstream?

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The world of cryptocurrency is still in its early days, and there is ample opportunity for wider adoption and growth. While Bitcoin has been around for over a decade now, estimates show crypto adoption rates are still in the single digits globally. This means crypto is still in the “early majority” phase, with room to expand to the “late majority” and “laggards”.

The Crypto Bell Curve: Where are we now?

The truth is, the crypto train is just leaving the station. With the right catalysts, cryptocurrencies can cross the chasm from early adopters to the early majority. So no, it’s not too late to get involved in crypto’s growth story. The potential remains huge, both for the technology and as an investment. Crypto is going mainstream, and the hype is warranted.

Overcoming Volatility: Why Crashes are Just Bumps in the Road

Cryptocurrency markets are indeed volatile, and crashes are to be expected. For example, after surging in late 2017, Bitcoin crashed over 80% through 2018. However, it eventually recovered and went on to new heights.

The long-term arc for crypto is upward, though the road is bumpy. Savvy investors know crypto is a long-term bet on the underlying blockchain technology. Temporary crashes don’t negate the big picture. And for patient investors, market declines often present an opportunity to “buy the dip”.

The Onramp is Being Built: What Will Drive Mass Adoption?


There are several compelling reasons driving adoption:

  • As an inflation hedge – With currencies like the Turkish Lira losing value, Turks are turning to crypto. One study by KuCoin found over half now own cryptocurrencies as a shield against inflation.
  • For technological potential – Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum enable applications like DeFi, NFTs, and more that aren’t possible otherwise. The technology promise attracts investors.
  • As a store of value – Digital gold proponents see Bitcoin, especially as an untethered store of value comparable to physical gold. This narrative is driving institutional investment.
  • To support innovation – Many want to support the open, decentralised ethos underpinning cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Investing allows people to “vote” for the future they believe in.

Embracing the Future: The Ethos Behind Crypto

So while hype plays a role in crypto’s rise, it is grounded in real technological, financial, and social potential yet to be fully unlocked. We’re still in the early days, and the future looks promising, crypto still has huge room for growth and adoption will undoubtedly increase.

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