The Ecoinomy Mission

Ecoinomy’s mission is to build a healthier, more enlightened future, a future anchored in visibility, credibility, transparency and community. The Ecoinomy blockchain and ECM tokens are the foundation of this enlightened future to inspire and energise a revolution in organic medicine usage.

Revolutionising the Global Organic Medicine Sector with Blockchain Technology.

Organic medicine is part of the ever-growing trillion-dollar global health, wellness, beauty, and pharmaceutical industry, but while organic medicines such as CBD and psilocybin have been used for thousands of years as therapies for physical ailments in indigenous shamanic and primitive medicine traditions around the world, for many with limited access to conventional medicine, organic medicine is sometimes the only available solution.

Modern-day examples of organic medicine usage include medicinal cannabis (THC) and over-the-counter CBD which can be used to treat conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic inflammatory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer to name a few. In addition, ongoing research is being conducted across the world into other substances such as psilocybin which is showing promise as a therapy for PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, chronic and degenerative neurological disorders, and depression. Across the globe, research is ongoing and is gaining both traction and popularity.

However, despite these medicines gradually emerging from prohibition, many jurisdictions still stigmatise organic medicines despite their increasing popularity and legality within their own domestic territories adversely affecting access within the health and wellness sectors. In the past three decades, the scientific community has reinstated research on some of the evidence-based benefits that organic medicine has to offer. However, the organic healthcare industry is plagued by heavy regulations, a lack of clinical educational programs for prescribing clinicians, and inequality, which leads to issues with clinical access to organic medicines.

Meanwhile, Blockchain technology is emerging as a decentralised, trusted, unfilterable, uncensorable repository of data, marketplaces, and information, accessible worldwide. While blockchain technology has played a historical role in the growth of cryptocurrency, it has quickly become a promising element for the future of the healthcare sector.

Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to strengthen data, improve access to healthcare services and medicines and provide robust network security that has the potential to form the basis of a new, infallible, inclusive healthcare system that will uncover the full healing power of organic medicine termed the integrative medicine practice area in many regions with an advanced adoption of alternative medicine and healthcare. Whilst the medical industry is brimming with digital innovation sped on by the technological revolution, the world itself has an outdated health system infrastructure. Poverty and lack of effective financing systems for basic services such as primary healthcare, drug access, mental health support, lack of trust in the healthcare system, and limited access to health screenings are significant barriers to achieving health equity in much of the world, despite efforts to close gaps.

Meanwhile, more and more consumers are demanding access to their data and tools that will empower them with the ability to understand what’s happening within their bodies and minds and take appropriate preventative and/or therapeutic actions. Smartphone technology, over-the-counter diagnostic tests, and personalised health data from wearable devices are democratising medical science and putting the power back into consumers' hands.

How will ECM create value in the global organic medicine industry?​

Our vision is to become a leader in dismantling systemic fallacy, inequality, and inequity in our healthcare system and in our community. Empowered by code, we strive to cultivate a culture of inclusion, diversity, and accessibility, reducing avoidable sickness, human hardship, and unnecessary suffering.

Ecoinomy's SaaS solution will provide seed-to-sale traceability & security, and is currently in development. We are building a global database of licenses & certificates of authenticity for buyers making purchasing decisions. Our goal is that Ecoinomy will ultimately become a marketplace of fully compliant, authentic organic medicine products, with inventory updated in real-time.

ECM can also provide banking and payment solutions for smooth cashless transactions, thereby solving a huge problem for the underbanked organic plant based medicine industry.

The Track and Trace element of our software will facilitate the flow of products and payments through the value chain and also benefit from the deep patient insight the Ecoinomy platform provides. The system will provide governments and regulatory agencies globally with a unified system for monitoring and tracking the production of all medically licensed cultivators, from seed to sale.

How will transactions work?

Ecoinomy has minted 1 billion ECM tokens. We are starting with use cases in three areas and will add more over time

Full transparency through the supply chain

Producers, distributors, retailers and consumers will use ECM tokens to pay for products and services so that they don't run afoul of laws which are present in most countries which prevent the use of fiat currencies.

Additionally, patients understand how organic medicines are sourced, grown, processed, and sold as all regulatory data is logged in the Ecoinomy blockchain.

driving scientific research into organic medicine

ECM fosters open and inclusive scientific research into organic plant based medicine, leveraging the Ecoinomy blockchain to allow trial participants to own and control their data. ECM will embed transparency and accountability into healthcare research.

Organic Medicine NFTs

Organic medicines inspire passion and foster a unique culture, Ecoinomy will service these needs through a unique set of NFTs and real-world experiences.

Initial Exchange Offering
The Ecoinomy token (ECM) is a utility token with a limit of 1B ECM created, never to be increased. ECM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company which will provide the blockchain-based data infrastructure to power the global organic medicine industry. ECM will eventually be used as a currency in the global organic medicine market and will offer its members access to exclusive real world events via its NFT programs.