Our Vision is to Define a New Future for Global Healthcare with Technology That Removes Unnecessary Suffering.

This is why we are building an ecosystem that will unlock the full potential of organic medicine in a secure, transparent and credible way, building a healthier future for the communities that we serve.

Revolutionising the Global Organic Medicine Sector with Blockchain Technology.

Ecoinomy was founded in 2022, with the inceptive purpose of becoming the unifying compound between patients, clinicians, cultivators, researchers, and regulators of organic medicine via blockchain technology.

For years, the narrative around what medicines are best for our bodies has been controlled. Alternative methods of medication are often overlooked and stigmatised because they don’t fit with the centralised business model of big pharma. But this is starting to change.

After years of prohibition, the scientific community and some governments have reinstated research on the medicinal benefits that organic medicines have to offer.

There are still many challenges to overcome such as:

  • Heavy regulations
  • Inequality
  • Bureaucratic inefficiencies
  • Issues with monetary exchange
  • Lack of accessible public information

This makes accessing organic medicines tricky for many consumers – for whom this could be an essential lifeline.
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We Will Pioneer the Global Adoption of Organic Medicine Via Our Decentralised Blockchain

Overcoming Challenges in the Supply Chain

Ecoinomy’s decentralized platform will form the foundation of the seed-to-sale blockchain, connecting our project partners via a track-and-trace system. This will enable patients, buyers and sellers of organic medicine to utilise the transparent and instant transactional qualities of the platform’s native Ecoinomy coin and other forms of crypto payments.

Empowering Communities

We will build, nurture and empower the communities we serve and work with across the Ecoinomy ecosystem. By equipping them with transparent access to information, tools and resources to expand their knowledge and provide safe, economical access to organic medicines.

Using Data & Technology for Good

Using data for good, Ecoinomy will make the process of prescribing and acquiring organic medicines safer by legitimising and regulating the prescribing part of the journey and facilitating real-time feedback of user experience.

Facilitating Accessible, Affordable Healthcare

We’re developing a world-class platform that provides full traceability for clinical trials, helping to fast-track the approval of more organic medicines. This will also enable us to:

✔️ Provide a fast, secure, and reliable payment solution.
✔️ Evidence full transparency of the seed-to-sale journey.
✔️ Create an ecosystem that tackles identity and compliance for both cultivators and consumers.
✔️ Ensure only safe and quality-controlled organic medicine products are available on the supply chain.

The Ecosystem Explained

The Ecoinomy Ecosystem
Ecoinomy will facilitate an end to end decentralized blockchain solution that has the capacity to incorporate additional projects that pertain to every stage of the entire organic medicine lifecycle. Our innovative platform will form the foundation of the seed-to-sale blockchain, connecting our project partners via a track and trace system.

Track & Trace
Our Track and Trace software will enable the flow of products and payments through the value chain, benefiting from the deep patient insight the Ecoinomy ecosystem provides. The system will provide governments and regulatory agencies globally with a unified system for monitoring and tracking the production of all medically licensed cultivators, from seed to sale.

The Marketplace
Ecoinomy will build an online European wholesale marketplace for compliant, high-quality and authentic CBD and industrial hemp products, updated in real-time with up-to-date inventory.

Utility Token
Ecoinomy will facilitate transactions via the native Ecoinomy coin (ECM), a standard ERC-20 cryptocurrency token leveraged on the Ecoinomy blockchain. Producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers will use ECM tokens via our digital payment gateway to pay for medicines.

Ecoinomy Will Transform How Patients Access Medicinal Cannabis

Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in 2018. Despite this, patients who are looking to acquire medical cannabis still face several challenges, such as accessing prescriptions, purchasing affordable, quality products and the fear of being penalised.

The Ecoinomy Ecosystem will make the process of prescribing and acquiring medical cannabis safer and easier for patients. Patients will have access to a platform with a loyalty card for repeat prescriptions, access to in-app consultations and a patient portal that allows medicinal cannabis prescriptions and patient identification to be digitally stored.

How will transactions work?

Ecoinomy has a limited supply of ECM tokens available. We are starting with use cases in three areas and will add more over time

Full transparency through the supply chain

Producers, distributors, retailers and consumers will use ECM tokens to pay for products and services so that they don't run afoul of laws which are present in most countries which prevent the use of fiat currencies.

Additionally, patients understand how organic medicines are sourced, grown, processed, and sold as all regulatory data is logged in the Ecoinomy blockchain.

driving scientific research into organic medicine

ECM fosters open and inclusive scientific research into organic plant based medicine, leveraging the Ecoinomy blockchain to allow trial participants to own and control their data. ECM will embed transparency and accountability into healthcare research.

Organic Medicine NFTs

Organic medicines inspire passion and foster a unique culture, Ecoinomy will service these needs through a unique set of NFTs and real-world experiences.