Ecoinomy provides the blockchain-based data infrastructure for the global organic medicine economy. The Ecoinomy Healthcare blockchain ecosystem offers a suite of products and services for prescription patients.

75m Tokens

Listing October 2022

Staking Program

Listing on several exchanges


Parties Token Allocation Token Allocation % Initial Lock-up Vesting Schedule Price
Token Sale
Private pre-sale R1
10,000,000 1.0% 45 days 12 Months
Monthly Release 7.5%
Token Sale
Private pre-sale R2
15,000,000 1.5% 30 days 9 Months
Monthly Release 10%
Token Sale
Private pre-sale R3
20,000,000 2.0% 15 days 6 Months
Monthly Release 15%
Token Sale
Private pre-sale R4
25,000,000 2.5% N/A 3 Months
Monthly Release 25%
Token Sale
Private pre-sale R5
5,000,000 0.5% N/A N/A $0.50
Liquidity Fund (Locked) 50,000,000 5% N/A - N/A
Community & Business
150,000,000 15% 1 Month 1.5 Years N/A
Treasury 500,000,000 50% 6 Months 3 Years N/A
Airdrop 25,000,000 2.5% 6 Months N/A N/A
Staking 50,000,000 5% N/A N/A
Team 150,000,000 15% 6 Months 2 Years 2.5% Release per
Qtr after 6 Months Lock Up
TOTAL 1,000,000,000 100%

The Ecoinomy Organic Medicine blockchain enables producers, distributors and retailers of organic medicines to leverage the Ecoinomy blockchain to both track the flow of products and payments through the value chain, and also benefit from the deep customer insight the Ecoinomy platform provides. Finally, the Ecoinomy currency and NFT offering will give consumers of branded products the opportunity to deepen their engagement with the natural medicines and their unique culture


The Ecoinomy healthcare blockchain ecosystem offers a suite of products and services for prescription organic medicine patients with the goal of powering research and healthcare innovation. 

Patients will be able to allow companies and regulators to access to their medical data to improve clinical research whilst earning rewards in ECM for their participation.