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  • Ecoinomy provides blockchain-based data infrastructure for the global organic medicine industry.

Good Health Should Be a Global Fundamental Right.

Here at Ecoinomy, our mission is to empower communities to make their own choices about their well-being, facilitating access to affordable, safe organic medicines and providing resources to demystify the stigma that surrounds them.

Tracking the entire process from cultivation to consumption, we are creating a legacy that is powered by code, enabled by crypto, and delivered with a trusted, world-class secure blockchain capability. This is how we’re changing the future of healthcare.

Ecoinomy Features

Our ecosystem will unlock the full potential of organic medicine in a secure, transparent and credible way, building a healthier future for the communities that we serve.
Organic medicine encompasses a wide range of plant-based active pharmaceutical ingredients which are emerging after a period of non-scientific policy-making and decades-long prohibition.

Seed to Sale Regulation

The system will provide governments and regulatory agencies globally with a unified system. This will monitor and track the production of all medically licensed cultivators, from seed to sale. Think of it as a global database of licenses & certificates of authenticity for buyers making purchasing decisions

Full Traceability

The Ecoinomy system will connect buyers and sellers of compliant organic medicine through a decentralized exchange, with complete profiling and compliance for each seller. This will be a crucial blockchain solution for cultivators, designed to be governed and configured to follow EU-GMP and GACP guidelines.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain facilitates the verification and traceability of multistep transactions. This will vastly improve data security, providing immutable financial transactions, reducing compliance costs, and speeding up data transfer processing. This ensures the availability of safe, quality-controlled products on the market and improves patient access.

First of a kind

Ecoinomy will be acting as the first and most comprehensive provider of a holistic blockchain-based platform for all market participants. Our goal is that Ecoinomy will ultimately become a marketplace of fully compliant, authentic organic medicine products, with inventory updated in real-time.

Ethically Driven

Ecoinomy's innovative approach to combining organic medicine, blockchain technology, crypto, and culture will become a synergist for ending inequality within the sector. We will empower patient communities with affordable, accessible healthcare options and a patient portal that allows prescriptions and patient identification to be digitally stored.

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The Ecoinomy Tokens

The Ecoinomy token (ECM) is a standard ERC-20 cryptocurrency token leveraged on the Ecoinomy blockchain. Ecoinomy will facilitate transactions with this native Ecoinomy coin (ECM), acting as the main transaction and value carrier within the framework of the Ecoinomy platform. The coin can be stored on any of the available decentralized wallets that support the ERC-20 standard. Holders of the coin will be able to use it to make purchases on the platform and sell it on the exchange. ECM will eventually be used as a currency in the global organic medicine market and will offer its members access to exclusive real world events via its NFT programs.

Limited supply

Our tokens are in limited supply with increasing use cases. We will only release a limited supply of tokens at a time

Regulated, Secure, Reliable.

Blockchain technology is a secure and reliable platform for financial transactions due to its decentralized nature and cryptographic algorithms that ensures the integrity and of transactions

Exclusive access to real-world events

Ecoinomy tokens can be used to to gain access to invitation-only events run by both Ecoinomy and our partners

Patients Benefit

Healthcare blockchain infrastructure allow patients to benefit from the Ecoinomy ecosystem by participating in research and sharing data

Regulating The Organic Medicine Supply Chain

Track medicine from plant to patient, with tokens earned by farmers in the developing world

Solving Problems for Organic Medicine Companies

Organic medicine companies don’t have easy access to finance. Ecoinomy is a solution for companies excluded from mainstream financial institutions


The Ecoinomy healthcare blockchain ecosystem offers a suite of products and services for prescription organic medicine patients, with the goal of powering research and healthcare innovation. 

Patients will receive digital ID cards that store data on their prescription type and dose allocation. This will prove the legitimacy of their prescription. Patients will also receive a discounted prescription via a loyalty scheme. Finally, patients will also be given the option to also allow companies and regulators access to their medical data to improve clinical research.

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