Big Pharma vs. Organic Medicine: The Changing Landscape of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing a major shift as patients and practitioners increasingly recognise the value of organic medicines over synthetic pharmaceuticals. This change represents a power struggle between Big Pharma companies and the organic medicine movement. … Read More

Dr Tod Mikuriya’s list

Dr. Tod Mikuriya was a pioneering psychiatrist who spent his career researching and advocating for the medical use of cannabis. Through his work, Dr. Mikuriya treated over 9,000 patients with cannabis and maintained a list of more than 200 ailments … Read More

Earth Day 2023: Why Saving the Planet Is Good For Our Health

At Ecoinomy, we believe that good health is a global fundamental right and that every human being deserves access to affordable, accessible healthcare. As we approach Earth Day 2023, we’re showcasing how good human health and planetary health are intrinsically … Read More

A Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice: Everything You Need To Know About Meeting Medical Cannabis Compliance Requirements

If you’re new to the world of medical cannabis, CBD or industrial hemp, you may not have come across the term Good Manufacturing Practice (also known as GMP) before. It is a complicated regulatory landscape that cultivators and manufacturers of medical cannabis must understand if they are to meet compliance standards.

We’re here to shine a light on what exactly this means, why it’s important and what the benefits of GMP are. … Read More

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has dominated headlines for a number of years, and many industry leaders believe that blockchain is the future of business operations.
However, if you’re not familiar with the terminology, understanding exactly how this works can be a bit of a minefield. Luckily, the team at Ecoinomy have put together this useful guide of all things blockchain. … Read More

Tips on Overcoming MHRA License Barriers for the UK Medical Cannabis Market

An MHRA license is required to manufacture Cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). This license requires an inspection of the site to confirm it has an appropriate facility, staff and Pharmaceutical Quality Management System and has carried out the required activities (including process and analytical validation). There currently isn’t a way to operate both authorisation processes independently because each regulatory authorisation process requires some aspects of the other. Which presents a problem for new companies looking to enter the market. … Read More